Announcing Our New Sponsor: Rock Auto!

Announcing Our New Sponsor: Rock Auto!

We’re excited to announced that we’ve gained another forum sponsor, Rock Auto!  For those who are unaware of Rock Auto — they sell almost any part your car could EVER need, at some of the most affordable prices online.  I’ve been a personal customer of theirs throughout the years and have always been 100% impressed.  Not only do they stock thousands upon thousands of parts, but their prices are great and they quickly ship your order to you.

Rock Auto has kindly offered registered, logged in users of Our8thGens a 5% discount on their already rock-bottom prices.  This coupon is valid until mid-July so order any parts you may need between now and then!  To get the details just go check out the thread they created in their section on the forum.

We think having Rock Auto as a forum sponsor is a great relationship to build and hopefully will help many here with replacement parts for their Accords!

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