Omar Gomez’s 2009 EX-L Coupe

Omar Gomez’s 2009 EX-L Coupe

One of our favorite OEM Honda colors on the 8th generation Accords is definitely Belize Blue Pearl.  We have not featured too many of them, especially considering how many nicely done ones are out there.  The air suspension with the classic Weds wheels definitely make this coupe an attention grabber.  For November 2016 our Accord of the Month is Omar Gomez’s 2009 Belize Blue Pearl EX-L V6 coupe.

The exterior of this car has been kept simple, but tasteful.  So far Omar has added the Honda Factory Performance front lip and side skirts which definitely add to the more aggressive, lowered look.  He has also swapped out the USDM chrome Honda emblems for the JDM style red badges we see on so many Hondas which adds a nice contrast to the blue.  Omar added the WeatherTech window visors as well, which look much better than the OEM visors in our opinion.

Based on the height in the majority of these pictures, Omar’s coupe is clearly on air suspension.  He has paired AirLift’s AutoPilot V2 management with air struts from Airrex for a killer combination.  The chrome wheels Omar put on his coupe really pop against the Belize Blue Pearl paint.  They also tie in really well with the chrome trim around the windows and the chrome door handles that came on the V6 models.  The wheels Omar chose are one of Weds more popular designs, the Kranze Bazreia.  The fronts are 19″ x 9″ +25mm with a 3″ lip while the rears are 19″ x 10″ + 25mm with a 3.5″ lip.  Omar has added the red overlays to the center caps which really stands out.  To keep his alignment in check, Omar is using the JPower 3 arm camber kit in the rear.

Omar has done a lot of custom lighting work on his coupe ranging from stupid simple to fairly complex.  On the simpler end, he’s converted all of his interior lights to LEDs.  He has also modified his fog lights to be independent of the headlight.  The more complex work comes into play with Omar’s custom headlights.  He split the lights and painted the majority of the housing black.  While he was at it, he swapped the factory projector lens with a clear lens from the Acura TSX, to provide a cleaner, sharper cut off line.  To top off the headlights, he’s added switchback turn signal LEDs which gives the running lights a matching white color when everything is on.

Omar has also done a few performance modifications to help spice up the J35 a little bit.  Like a lot of coupe owners do, Omar has added a short ram intake from Takeda.  To help the J series breathe even more, he upgraded to the exhaust to a three inch straight pipe from the catalytic converter back.

We can appreciate that Omar has taken his time on his build and has used quality parts to do it.  Most in the stance scene these days are not huge fans of chrome, but the combination of chrome and Belize Blue Pearl really works well here.  We can not wait to see what else Omar has in store for his coupe and we have no doubts that it will only continue to get better.  Make sure to follow Omar and his build on Instagram and check out what he’s talking about on the forum!

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