Brandon Buchter’s 2008 EX-L I4 Sedan

Brandon Buchter’s 2008 EX-L I4 Sedan

This car has come a long way in a pretty short time.  From springs straight to bags, with plenty more changes in progress and on the way, this sedan was a car we thought was worth looking into.  Our Accord of the Month for May 2016 is Brandon Buchter’s 2008 Taffeta White EX-L sedan.

Brandon’s absolutely slammed his car using Accuair’s SwitchSpeed paired with TWR air struts.  Tucking them this hard makes the wheels look crazier they already do.  These VIP Modular VX910s are 20″ x 9″ in the front and 20″ x 10.5″ in the rear with a 25mm offset all around.  We must admit, the white on white theme really does look nice.  Unfortunately unpictured, he’s since added a D2 Racing 8 piston big brake kit up front, which must look insane!

Brandon went totally custom for his air ride install.  He bought a seamless tank and used a combination of powdercoat and vinyl to make the tank resemble a Surge soda can.  The copper hard lines look really nice looking through the custom hardwood floor.  He’s tucked two VIAIR 444c compressors beneath the floor too giving this trunk a very clean appearance.

Brandon has kept it pretty simple on the exterior overall, but he’s just getting started!  While most would just wrap the roof black, Brandon had his roof painted instead.  He swapped over the front bumper off the V6 model for fog lights and added a Mugen style front lip for a bit more aggressive look.  However, he’s anxiously awaiting the final version of his custom bumper fuse with a 9th generation Accord bumper.  We know we can’t wait to see it!  Brandon also swapped to the V6 rear bumper for dual exhaust cutouts and added dual Borla mufflers on.

Brandon’s had quite a bit of his interior hydrodipped in a brown marble pattern which is definitely a unique look.  He’s also had the headliner wrapped in brown suede.  We can’t wait to see what else he has in store for this interior.

Underglow seems to be making a comeback and this sedan is one of the ones sporting it.  Brandon is sponsored by LEDGlow using their million color underbody lighting kit and he can control it with his smart phone!  LEDGlow made this cool video featuring Brandon’s car!  We will admit, it’s a little odd that it is not Brandon driving the car and that they left the car aired up.  Our best guess is that the lights look a little better aired up, but either way it’s cool to see a video of his car!

Brandon has made a lot of progress over the years while being in the community.  We’re definitely excited to watch the changes in progress come to life, as well as what is in store for this sedan.  Go and follow Brandon on Instagram and check out what he has to say on the forum!

A few words from Brandon:

I would like to start out and say how cool it is that I got chosen to be Accord of the Month!  Now, I have to give a shout out to all the people that spent long hours and late nights in the garage helping me work on my car, and still continue to help me out.  Also, I want to give a huge thanks to my sponsors LedGlow for being an awesome company and working with me on my build.  Lastly, I want to shout out Our8thGens, if it wasn’t for this group and the people in it I would not have half of the knowledge I do; for that, I say thank you to everyone!

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