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California Dreamin’ with Marcus Wilson

When you think of the SEMA expo you don’t often think of customized Accords, but Marcus Wilson was able to get his sedan in the expo. With his color shift wrap job and custom Infiniti IPL front bumper fuse. This car has lots of other dope details so make sure to check Marcus and his sedan out on Instagram at @calicoalitioncarclub. All photography credit goes to Simply Fresh; make sure to check them out on Instagram at @simplyfreshfitment.

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Tim Wu’s 2012 EX-L I4 Coupe

This month in our Accord of the Month series we are taking a look at a coupe with probably the most insane stance that we have featured. It is also one of the only 8th generation coupes we have seen featured on Cambergang, which is pretty rad. This is a coupe that has changed a lot since it has popped up in Atlanta, and we are sure it’s going to keep evolving. With stance like this and certainly one of the most eye popping colors we have ever seen on the 8th gen, how could we not take a further look?

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J Anthony Dela Cruz’s 2010 LX-S I4 Coupe

We see a lot of clean 8th generation Accord coupes on the forum and Facebook group, but still this one stands out. This coupe is another great example of how you can still be subtle and clean. The dark theme on this coupe came together perfectly. Our Accord of the Month for October 2015 is J Anthony Dela Cruz’s 2010 LX-S I4 coupe.

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