Brandon Feltis’ 2012 EX-L V6 Coupe

Brandon Feltis’ 2012 EX-L V6 Coupe

After two sedans in a row in our Accord of the Month series, surely it has not been forgotten how many sharp coupes are out there.  This one had a nice static suspension and wheel setup, but mainly focused on performance.  This one has some interesting, and not so common, modifications under the hood.  Our Accord of the Month for January 2016 is Brandon Feltis’ 2012 EX-L V6 coupe.  San Marino Red is one of the nicest factory paint options.  The paint paired with a nice wheel setup and performance modifications make this car worth looking into a bit further.

The wheel and suspension set up on this coupe are probably the first thing to attact your attention.  The car was lowered on a set of D2 coilovers utilizing a J-Power 3 arm camber kit in the rear and adjustable front upper ball joints to help keep the alignment under control.  The wheels Brandon chose compliment the factory chrome accents perfectly.  Unfortunately, Brandon has already sold the K3 Projekt P1 wheels you see pictured here.  The fronts are 20″ x 9″ +18 with a 3″ lip and the rears are 20″ x 11″ +20 with a 5″ lip.  This is not the first time we’ve seen these wheels on an 8th generation coupe, and it’s obvious why: they’re gorgeous!

Brandon put most of his focus on the performance of the coupe which you see pretty commonly with the V6 owners.  Of course the typical performance modifications like a Takeda short ram intake are present.  Brandon replaced the exhaust with a completely custom exhaust.  He was able to take advantage of the RV6 Performance Pre-Cat Deletes and RV6 Performance J-Pipe to help the Accord breathe a little easier.  He paired a Magnaflow resonator with a Vibrant ultra quiet resonator and finished it off with dual Magnaflow 11366 mufflers.

The performance mods don’t end there!  Brandon grabbed a 3.7L intake manifold off of an Acura ZDX and had it ported and polished.  Upgrading the intake manifold prompted him to grab the 80mm throttle body off of the Acura ZDX as well.  Brandon also installed the Power Rev Racing throttle body spacer for the 3.7L throttle body and a ported Power Rev Racing intake manifold spacer.  Brandon also redirected the coolant to prevent it from going through the throttle body to help keep intake temperatures down.

Brandon also had his intake runners ported and polished.  He went ahead and replaced the heads with a set of ported and polished J35A8 heads from an Acura TSX Type S with titanium valves, springs, and retainers.  He finished it off with an Unorthodox Racing Under Drive Pulley and Tensioner Pulley and wrapped it all up with a custom dyno tune utilizing K-Tuner to reflash the factory ECU.

Brandon kept it aesthetically pretty simple but has put in more time under the hood than any of our previous Accord of the Month cars.  We like seeing ingenuity and new things under the hood and this car had no shortage of that.  It’s unfortunate that the car is being parted out currently but we feel sure Brandon will come back with something just as awesome.  Make sure to follow Brandon on Instagram and check out what he has to say on the forum!

A few words from Brandon:

I’d like to say thank you to all the 8th gen members who have helped me through my journey. Shout out to Mike Danni for helping with figuring out the exhaust! I want to thank my girlfriend Rachel Serra for supporting me from start to finish! My parents for actually liking my car when it was finished! And my shop for having tools to get the job done!  I’d also like to shout out my photographers: Eric Smith (Facebook) and Royal Fitment Photography!  It goes without saying that I would also like to thank Bryan Taylor for creating the Accord of the Month and being able to be a part of it! It really makes me feel good that I was chosen to be an Accord of the Month out of all the amazing cars in the community.

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