Mike Hasan’s 2008 LX-S I4 Coupe

Mike Hasan’s 2008 LX-S I4 Coupe

To Accord enthusiasts, sometimes the more subtle mods catch our eye more than the extreme ones.  This coupe has some nice carbon fiber touches and some other modifications we do not see very often which makes it an interesting vehicle to take a closer look at.  We are going to start out 2017 with a super clean coupe; it has a great mixture of performance and aesthetic mods that come together very well.  Our Accord of the Month for January of 2017 is Mike Hasan’s 2008 Nighthawk Black Pearl LX-S I4 coupe.

The exterior of Mike’s car has really been updated tastefully.  Mike has swapped the front bumper and grille from the 2011-2012 model.  On the updated grille, he had the top chrome strip hydrodipped carbon fiber along with the front lip splitters underneath the bumper.  These are not the only carbon fiber bits he’s added though;  Mike opted for the carbon fiber hood and the carbon fiber trunk lip.  The Nighthawk Black Pearl paint is a great pair for the carbon fiber bits he’s added by helping it remain a little less noticeable.  To complete the kit, Mike added the Honda Factory Performance side skirts and rear lip.

Other paint matched goodies help round out the exterior of the car, such as his paint matched grille and window trim.  Mike has the Sarona roof spoiler, which we really appreciate because it’s not seen very often.  The red Honda badges really give this murdered out build coupe a small pop of color.

Although we do not have any photos, Mike has done some work on the interior as well.  He upgraded to red leather seat covers courtesy of Clazzio.  He’s replaced the head unit with a Pioneer double DIN head unit.  He replaced the front and rear speakers with Audiopipe speakers and added a 10″ Alpine subwoofer in the trunk.  Crescendo amplifiers power the whole system with the help of a kinetic battery in the trunk.
This coupe is lowered on a set of Megan SS coilovers which helps give the coupe a more aggressive stance.  To help achieve this stance and fitment he’s upgraded the front upper balljoints to an adjustable version by SPC, while upgrading the rear arms to SPC adjustable arms.  To help stiffen the car up a little bit Mike’s added the Ultra Racing front strut tower bar and the Progress rear sway bar.
Mike’s coupe is sitting on a square set of Forgestar F14 wheels that have been painted bronze burst.  The wheels are 20″ x 10.5″ +17mm all around.  With this wheel width and offset, the concavity of these wheels is pretty impressive.  He’s wrapped the Forgestars in 245/35 Achilles rubber.  To fill the larger diameter wheels, Mike is one of the few has shelled out the dough for the KSport big brake kit.  These are 8 piston calipers up front with 14″ rotors and 4 piston calipers in the rear with 13″ rotors.
Mike has not limited his modifications to aesthetics only; he’s also upgraded some things in the engine bay.  He’s added a Takeda short ram intake to open things on the intake side.  On the exhaust side, he put in the RV6 Performance down pipe and high flow cat.  To finish up the exhaust system, he had a custom 2.5″ stainless steel cat back made using Vibrant resonators & S2000 AP2 muffler tips.  The throttle body spacer and ported and polished intake manifod runners from P2R combined with the Ultra Racing lightweight pullies really help give the K series a little extra grunt.

This is a well built coupe with a lot of carbon fiber touches that may go unnoticed in passing.  These subtle touches combined with parts you don’t see everyday, like the KSport big brake kit, make this coupe a serious head turner.  Make sure to go follow Mike on Instagram at @mike_hasan!  Special thanks goes out to Khaled Kharma (Facebook) for the beautiful photography!

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