Monty Crisp’s 2008 EX-L V6 Sedan

Monty Crisp’s 2008 EX-L V6 Sedan

We tried to spark interest in having cars go up for vote to determine the Accord of the Month, but not a single person expressed interest in their car going up for vote.  For the time being, we’ll just be arbitrarily picking cars we think deserve to be featured.  We’d like to get to a point where we can put 2-3 cars up for vote each month and let the community decide who gets featured, but until we have willing participants, that’s just not going to work.  I know we’ve shown the sedans some love in these first two months, but the coupes will certainly get their turn!

Anyway… Our Accord of the Month for February 2015 is Monty Crisp’s 2008 Polished Metal Metallic EX-L sedan.  This sedan seems to get forgotten about a lot, simply because Monty isn’t the most vocal guy on the internet groups and forums.  However, those that know Monty and have paid attention to his build realize the amount of work he’s put in and just how rare some of his parts are.

Monty’s build is another of our favorite sedans.  One of the first things people will notice about his Accord is the Modulo front and rear lips.  It’s one of the only ones we’ve ever seen stateside and is very reminiscent of the HFP kit for the 2008-2010 coupes.  While some may call it bulky and ugly, every time this car gets posted people want to know where they can get that lip, or if Monty will sell his.

Seeing the Modulo front and rear lips is quite a nice change of pace from the typical Mugen lip kit we see on the sedans.  Not only are they expensive (like the legit Mugen ones are) but these are much more difficult to find.  Even finding replicas of the Modulo lips can be difficult can be difficult.  The front end is topped off with a USDM Mugen grille and a custom quad retrofit that really gives it an aggressive look.

After the rare lip kit, people tend to notice Monty’s wheels, which are insane.  Monty’s partially sponsored by Avant Garde Wheels.  Working with them, he was able to get a pretty nice setup.  He’s rolling on their F240 in the smoke mirror finish with chrome lips.  Not only do they look great, but the specs are pretty nice too.  The fronts are 20″x10″+35 and the rears are 20″x11″+35 wrapped in Nitto NT555 rubber.  Hard to believe the sedan can tuck an 11″ wide wheel in the rear like this!

Another one of Monty’s signature mods are his diamond stitched Clazzio seat covers.  He was one of the first we saw with these seat covers in his Accord, and to this day it’s still one of our favorites.  The diamond stitching and white piping just sets it off so nicely!

Monty is also on air suspension, which is what makes those giant Avant Garde wheels look so good at the car shows he’s been winning.  He’s running a pretty unique setup, having double bellow bags on all four corners.  Traditionally you see bellows in the rear of Accords, and sleeves up front.  However, Monty had this setup custom built specifically for him.  Not to mention he did the install himself, and it turned out pretty clean!  DISCLAIMER:  This is the 2014 trunk setup, just wait until you see what he’s been working on for 2015!

Last but certainly not least, the Accord owners who are into performance will certainly recognize this shot.  Monty is the only known supercharged V6 here in the United States.  The supercharger was created by Comptech but all the mounting brackets were made by Monty himself.  After he figured out how he was going to mount it, he had the supercharger and valve cover polished to give his engine bay a really clean look.  While Monty had a few issues early on with the tune, he’s still spending tons of time (and money too probably) to get it running properly.  Then maybe he’ll come out to play a bit more often!

Long story short, this car snaps necks every time it comes out of the garage.  Make sure to follow Monty on Instagram at @monty_crisp and check out what he’s talking about on the forum.

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