Tim Wu’s 2012 EX-L I4 Coupe

Tim Wu’s 2012 EX-L I4 Coupe

This month in our Accord of the Month series we are taking a look at a coupe with probably the most insane stance that we have featured.  It is also one of the only 8th generation coupes we have seen featured on Cambergang, which is pretty rad.  This is a coupe that has changed a lot since it has popped up in Atlanta, and we are sure it’s going to keep evolving.  With stance like this and certainly one of the most eye popping colors we have ever seen on the 8th gen, how could we not take a further look?

Tim has his coupe sitting on a set of Megan EZ coilovers.  The wheel set up is certainly what will catch most people’s attention, though.  Tim went with a set of 18″ Leon Hardiritt Beils.  Most 8th generation Accords are not able to pull of 18″ wheels but somehow this one does.  We think it has a lot to do with the width and giant lips on them.  The wheels are 18″ x 12″ -20 with 6″ lips up front and 18″ x 14″ -30 with 8″ lips in the rear.  These are wheel specs you just do not see on 8th generation Accords often.

Tim’s car is custom wrapped by his company, Exclusive Maker, located in metro Atlanta, GA. Tim’s been wrapping cars in the area for a little while now, but his car is always looking top notch.  The color is called Gloss Lemon Sting by 3M and it really makes his coupe stand out.  We particularly like some of the gloss black accents he added.  I heard a rumor it would be getting a color change pretty soon, so stay posted for that.

The flares certainly help pull off the width of the wheels.  We have not seen too many riveted on flares on the 8th generation Accord, but this is definitely one of the better executions we have seen.  Other custom touches like the side skirt and front splitters he added as well as the diffuser help this car stand out from the pack.

This car certainly grabs attention with it’s wrap and wheel setup.  This car is constantly changing so we definitely will have our eyes peeled to see what Tim’s going to do next.  Make sure you follow his build and his company on Instagram and check out what he’s talking about on the forum!

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