Eric Pasith’s 2008 EX-L I4 Sedan

Eric Pasith’s 2008 EX-L I4 Sedan

Back to back sedan love with December’s Accord of the Month feature.  This sedan has a five speed manual transmission in it which is something we do not see very often.  This build combines and nice, clean exterior with some interesting interior mods.  Our Accord of the Month for December is Eric Pasith’s 2008 EX-L I4 5 speed sedan.  Throughout Eric’s ownership of the car, he has given the car several different distinct looks and we really enjoy watching the car progress from season to season.

Eric has this sedan lowered on Megan EZ Street Series coilovers with a full SPC camber kit in the rear.  The stance of this sedan is not over the top but is not conservative either and we love it.  Eric’s currently running a set of the Avant Garde and Work Wheels collaborations, the AG M560s.  The fronts are 19″ x 9.5″ +20 and the rears are 19″ x 11″ +18.  We definitely do not see many static sedans running 11″ wide wheels in the rear!

Even though Eric’s 2008 – 2010 style front end was nice, he decided to upgrade to the 2011 – 2012 style V6 front bumper with a chrome Modulo grille.  While he was at it, he swapped the door handles for the chrome ones available on the V6.  He’s swapped to the JDM trunk garnish with a full LED tail light and trunk light setup.  Eric also converted his I4 to be dual exhaust with dual tips on each side to give the rear a bit more aggressive look.  We hope to see a nice lip to tie it all together soon!

We do not see a lot of variety in shift knobs in sedans due to the limited amount of manual sedans available, but this is something Eric capitalized on.  His custom samurai sword shift knob is definitely something we have not seen in another sedan.  We do not see aftermarket steering wheels or quick releases on the sedans often either.  Eric has a NRG hub and quick release currently paired with a no-name aftermarket wheel.  However, in the future Eric plans to upgrade to a Nardi wheel.

Eric still has a lot of work he wants to put into this car.  He wants to swap to a K24a turbo charged engine with a Magnus Motorsports intake manifold, which will certainly be interesting.  More custom interior touches and air suspension are also in this car’s future, so we’re definitely going to be keeping our eyes on this build.  You can follow this build and Eric on Instagram, and go check out what he’s talking about on the forum!

A few words from Eric:

I’d like to shout out CMH Productions, ByJayVondy Photography, 2sick4you Photography, and Martin Galang Photography for all the great pictures of my car.

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