Brian Ruff’s 2011 LX-S I4 Coupe

Brian Ruff’s 2011 LX-S I4 Coupe

After showing love to the sedans for both January and February, we had to get a coupe in as the Accord of the Month.  Anybody who has followed the Accord scene, will instantly recognize the name and know what they’re about to see.  Our Accord of the Month for March is Brian Ruff’s Root Beer Metallic 2011 LX-S coupe.  We’ve watched Brian start from the bottom (literally) and turn this car into an absolute beauty.

Ruff has come a loooong way since he first joined the Accord community several years ago but now he’s one of the elites.  He’s had so much custom work done on this coupe, it’s hard to decide where to begin.  Let’s start with one of the most obvious aspects of Brian’s build, his custom paint job in Root Beer Metallic.  Let’s be honest, you see a lot of plastidip and wraps, but in the Accord scene, it doesn’t seem like you see too much custom paint.  This color is really unique because of how different it can look depending on lighting and other conditions.

After that, attention usually goes directly to Brian’s wheels.  Brian’s sponsored by VIP Modular Wheels and his old set (make sure to watch out for the 2015 setup!) are certainly head turners.  We think they go great against his custom paint job.  He’s rolling on their VR12 in Dubai Gold over satin polish finish.  The specs he’s running are pretty aggressive as well.  Brian’s managing to fit a 20″x10″ -11 with a 4.5″ lip up front and a 20″x11.5″ -1 with a 6″ lip in the rear!  There’s only one way to explain how he’s fitting such aggressive specs…

Brian’s Accord has had a good deal of body work done in order to make it wide-body all around, but this didn’t happen over night.  First, he had his rear quarter panels widened 1.5″ by Rogue Auto Werks in Jacksonville, FL.  Brian was the first to complete a rear wide-body on this platform.  Not too much later he had Autotechniques, also in Jacksonville, FL, widen his front fenders by 2″.  Not only the first for the rears, but he was also the first to have the fronts done, giving him the full wide-body.  The wide-body gives the car a pretty aggressive look and stance with those 11.5″ wide wheels in the back.

The custom front bumper, also done by Autotechniques, and widened fenders really make the front end of this car look aggressive.  One of the most impressive things about Brian’s front bumper and widened fenders was the ability to keep the factory headlight mounts.  Brian also did his own custom retrofit by putting Mini H1 projectors, from site sponsor The Retrofit Source, in his high beam housing,

Like many of the coupes, this one is finished off off with the HFP side skirts and rear lip.  Like many of the 2011-2012 owners do, Brian also swapped the taillights for the 2008-2010 model.

Part of what makes this car look so good is how low it is to the ground.  Brian’s running AirREX air suspension paired with Accuair Switchspeed management.  With a completely ridiculous, completely custom, 3 tank, hard-line setup done by Malihini Customs, the trunk in this car is crazy.  The two JL W1v3 10″ subwoofers in custom fiberglass enclosures just add to the effect.

Another finishing touch Brian has added to his ride is a huge big brake kit.  He’s got the D2 Racing 14″ Big Brake Kit with slotted rotors.

He finished off the interior with a set of Katzkin tuscany amaretto seat covers with black leather inserts.  The color of leather he chose compliments the root beer metallic paint and Dubai gold wheels perfectly!  Pair that with a black suede headliner, Junction Produce goodies, and JL speakers on the inside and that makes for a pretty nice interior in our opinion.

A few words from Brian:

I wanna give a shout out to all the companies and my sponsors who have contributed to this build over the last 4 years. Big thanks to Autotechniques Paint and Body for doing nearly all the bodywork on my car since I started working on it back in 2011. From fixing my buckled fenders and shaving my OEM wing, to custom paint and widened fenders, he’s pretty much done it all. Another huge thanks to VIP Modular Wheels for the amazing customer service and the most top quality wheels in the industry. 3 sets and counting with these guys. Also wanna thank my homie Chris Jameson aka Malihini Customs for all his work on my trunk and interior suede. I also wanna give thanks to D2 Racing, AirREX USA, TheRetrofitSource, and Rogue Auto Werks.

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