Tag: Belize Blue Pearl

Omar Gomez’s 2009 EX-L Coupe

One of our favorite OEM Honda colors on the 8th generation Accords is definitely Belize Blue Pearl. We have not featured too many of them, especially considering how many nicely done ones are out there. The air suspension with the classic Weds wheels definitely make this coupe an attention grabber. For November 2016 our Accord of the Month is Omar Gomez’s 2009 Belize Blue Pearl EX-L V6 coupe.

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Modified Accordingly Out of Central Texas

We recently got sent some photos of these three coupes out of central Texas and had to share them. Super nice coupes that attend meets and shows together, that’s what we like to see! All photo credits go to Street Fiend, Don Vu, and Dream Speed Garage. Photos are from a few local events: All Team Bash in San Antonio, Texas Accord Meet in Waco, and the and StanceNation Pre-Meet in Fort Worth.

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Jerry’s 2009 EX-L I4 Coupe

This car has been around the 8th gen community for quite some time. This guy is always trying out new things all while sharing his efforts with anyone who asks. This car has come a long way and we will certainly want to watch as it continues to progress. Our Accord of the Month for April is Jerry’s (also known as Cool Blue) 2009 Belize Blue Pearl EX-L coupe.

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