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Jason Scharold’s 2008 EX-L I4 Coupe

This is the first time a car has returned to be featured a second time, but we feel as though this one was very well deserved. This coupe has come such a long way since we last featured it in July 2015. He’s made the leap to air suspension as well as upgrading to a much nicer set of wheels and added a lot of other touches in the engine bay and interior. Our Accord of the Month for April 2017 is Jason Scharold’s 2008 EX-L I4 coupe.


Eddie Noriega’s 2009 EX-L V6 Coupe

With as many cars as we see plastered on social media constantly, it is nice to come across one that does not get posted every single day. This coupe is a nice example of that. We love to see bagged guys ride as low, or if not lower, than a lot of the static guys. Tight fitment with a great ride height is a winning combination in our book. Our Accord of the Month for February 2017 is Eddie Noriega’s 2009 Nighthawk Black Pearl EX-L V6 6-speed coupe.