Huy Duong’s 2008 LX-P I4 Sedan

Huy Duong’s 2008 LX-P I4 Sedan

Unfortunately the original owner of this vehicle has sold it, so let’s consider this as more of a tribute post.  This sedan is one of the truly original people involved in the 8th generation Accord scene.  From humble beginnings this was his first car.  He took his time and did his research and refused to take shortcuts with low quality parts.  Our Accord of the Month for March is Huy Duong’s 2008 Nighthawk Black Pearl LX-P I4 sedan.

The exterior of Huy’s sedan was really tastefully done.  He’s swapped the front bumper over to the V6 front bumper with the integrated fog lights.  Underneath the bumper conversion, Huy is one of the few that had the authentic Mugen front lip.  The Mugen style grille helps complete the front end and make it look a bit more aggressive.

The factory wing spoiler is not something that you see often on modified Accords but Huy chose to stick with it.  He added the roof spoiler too which is something we see commonly on both coupes and sedans.  The Mugen style window visors and Modulo side skirts really help complete the clean, simple look.

Huy lowered his car on a set of Megan Racing Street Series coilovers.  With the help of the J-Power 3 arm camber kit in the rear, Huy is able to keep his alignment in check.  Huy’s always rocked white wheels but this set of Work Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwamis are his best setup in our opinion.  He’s running 19″ x 9.5″ +15mm up front and 19″ x 10.5″ +18 in the rear.  The red center caps and lug nuts really set this off with these colors.  To make sure he’s able to stop well he upgraded to a Power Stop brake kit.

A common modification for sedan owners is to get rid of the amber signals and corners in the headlights, and Huy did just that.  In other parts of the world, the Accord (or Inspire in Japan) came with clear signals and corners.  He added a 5k Morimoto HID kit from forum sponsor, The Retrofit Source.  A full LED conversion in the interior was done to go along with all the other lighting modifications and to get a truer white light.  Huy also added the LED tail lights to help give the rear end a not-so-stock look.

Like a lot of 4 cylinder owners, Huy kept it pretty simple in the engine bay.  He dressed it up with a few aftermarket parts but it’s clear he was not really going for performance.  He added a short ram intake from Takeda and a red throttle body spacer from Power Rev Racing.  More Mugen goodies are under the hood too, including the oil cap and sock covers.  Other plastics in the bay were painted red to match.  To help the K24 breathe a little bit, and to convert to dual exhaust for aesthetic reasons,  he added Magnaflow mufflers and a vibrant resonator to keep the rasp down with 2.5″ piping from the catalytic converter back.

Overall, this sedan was modified so well so early in this generation’s life cycle that chances are high that it probably inspired a lot of other sedan builds.  We are saddened that Huy sold his sedan but we are confident that his next build (a Lexus IS350 F-Sport) will be just as tastefully done.  Make sure to follow Huy’s new build on Instagram at @ih_u_y.  Take a few minutes to look over the gallery of shots of Huy’s car from past to present.

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