Peter Giuffre’s 2010 EX-L V6 Sedan

Peter Giuffre’s 2010 EX-L V6 Sedan

This is the beginning of our Accord of the Month series.  The concept is simple.  There will be a poll every month that will run on the forum in order for our users to decide which Accord deserves to be featured.  More information to come on that soon as we iron out all of the details.  For this first month, we picked one of our earliest supporters (and one of our favorite sedans) to get the ball rolling.

The Accord of the Month for January 2015 is Peter Giuffre’s 2010 Alabaster Silver Metallic EX-L V6 sedan.  Peter’s Accord has a few of the customizations that we typically see on the sedans, but he’s got several that are completely unique to him… and they really make this car stand out from the pack.

This Accord has the USDM Mugen grille, Mugen front lip, and Mugen rear lip.  However, that’s about all that’s typical with this build.

Peter Giuffre 8
Peter Giuffre 2

This Accord is bagged on Air Force struts with AccuAir VU4 management.  The trunk setup is completely custom and was done by Hi-End Customs in Massachusetts.  The trunk has a hardwood floor, a seamless air tank with hard lines, and a custom subwoofer enclosure built by Wicked Custom Audio & Speed.

Peter Giuffre 3

Peter has also done the Inspire trunk conversion, which allows the reflectors you see on 2011-2012 USDM Accord sedans to be replaced with lights… but he took it to the next level.  Peter had AD Lighting in Thailand to make him a completely custom set of “dancing” tail lights.  These things are just plain cool.

Peter Giuffre 4

Peter was also inspired by the Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom’s headliner and decided to try to achieve the same affect in his Accord.  His headliner has roughly 350 fiber optic light points, all done by hand.  This is one of the most unique mods on the Accord that we’ve seen yet, and we’ve got to say, it turned out great!

Peter Giuffre 5

To follow Peter’s build, check him out on Instagram at @YoLowAccord or check out what he’s talking about on the forum.

A few words from Peter:

Just wanted to say thanks to all my friends and supporters in helping me get this build to the point it’s at. First and foremost, thanks to my TeamECR family for your love and support. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Thanks to Alex and Lia at Hi End Customs for your dedication to my build and your friendship and advice. Thanks to David Medina for keeping me up till 3 am talking about crazy ideas like tail lights from Thailand. Special thanks also to my photographer Joshua Sweeney at Shoot For Details Photography. Keep an eye out for my upcoming feature in Performance Auto and Sound Magazine, coming in 2015!

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