Amanda Seaman’s 2011 EX-L V6 Coupe

Amanda Seaman’s 2011 EX-L V6 Coupe

We’re showing more coupe love this month in our Accord of the Month series, and this month we’ve got a clean one.  Our Accord of the Month for April is Amanda Seaman’s Polished Metal Metallic 2011 EX-L V6 coupe.  This coupe is a great example of how you can modify a car subtly and still make it look killer.

Compared to some cars in the scene, Amanda’s car overall is pretty tame.  No loud colors or crazy amounts of camber.  She kept it simple, and that’s what we love about it.  This car is a great example of quality over quantity when it comes to modifying a car.  Not all modifications have to be loud to be effective.  Take for example her completely debadged trunk or the color matched grille and handles.

Amanda’s wheels flow really well with her car.  She may not have the most aggressive specs, but you don’t see many Accords on these Vossen CVTs in metallic gloss silver finish.  She’s tucking 20″x10.5”+45 all around, with a 15 mm spacer in the rear.  Amanda wrapped them in 255/30R20 Falken FK453 tires for a nice, but not over the top, stretch.  They look great tucked underneath Amanda’s very much in-tact fenders and quarter panels.

Amanda is sponsored by Air Lift Performance air suspension.  She was the one and only prototype car in developing their air suspension kit for the 8th generation Accord platform!  It’s great to have members willing to reach out to companies and progress product development for this platform!

Amanda also has the full HFP lip kit, which really gives the car a much more aggressive look and looks amazing slammed to the ground.  She color matched her door handles and the front grille.  She also wrapped her window trim and front badge in satin black, eliminating all of the chrome on this vehicle.  Amanda also removed her rear badge and had the holes filled for a completely badge-free trunk.

To sum it up, this car was done right.  The wheel choice and finish flow great with her car, but what really makes this car gorgeous is the attention to detail.  We can’t wait to see what else Amanda does with this coupe!  Make sure to follow this and her other builds on Instagram, @amanda2519, and check out what she’s talking about on the forum!

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