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Style 95in’ with Brandon Phillips

Brandon recently got his Style 95s mounted up and fitted and they turned out pretty nice. This is a wheel we’ve seen time and time again on this platform and we don’t anticipate we’ll stop seeing it any time soon. They have pretty decent specs and they’re great looking wheels. Make sure to follow Brandon and his build on Instagram at @bfeels.low. Shout out to Ben Whiles for the amazing photography; make sure to follow him on Instagram over at @bennywhiles.

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Wynwood Walls with Shan Azeerulla

Shan took the time to ride down to the Wynwood Walls and get some shots in front of the killer graffiti there. It’s hard to believe that these are cell phone shots, they’re certainly some of the better ones we’ve ever seen! Make sure to follow Shan and his build on Instagram at @esk_hurricaneswizz.

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Wild Static Fitment with Jake Hamby

As the platform becomes cheaper and cheaper, we are seeing new faces starting to modify the car and this one certainly caught a lot of attention. Jake’s running one of the most aggressive wheels setups (in both width and offset) that we’ve seen yet. We know camber isn’t for everyone, but the suspension work needed to accomplish this look usually get underestimated.

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