Rob Buen’s 2010 EX-L I4 Sedan

Rob Buen’s 2010 EX-L I4 Sedan

We finally have another sedan to show off in this month’s Accord of the Month.  All of this sedan’s custom touches done by the owner really give it a unique style.  Another reason this car was chosen as the Accord of the Month for November specifically is because the owner is a member of the United States Army. Our Accord of the Month for November is Rob Buen’s 2010 Taffeta White EX-L I4 sedan.  We showcase the multiple phases this car has been through and all of the hard work Rob has put in.

Rob has put a lot of time and money into the exterior appearance of his vehicle.  One of the first things noticed is the fully authentic Mugen lip kit on the front, sides, and rear.  At one time he had the Mugen grille as well but is currently rocking a chrome badge-less grille.  To wrap up the front end you see a set of aftermarket projector headlights.  Rob also incorporated some parts from the Honda Inspire (as the Accord sedan is called overseas) such as the power-folding, turn signal side mirrors and the rear garnish trunk light conversion.  Other small touches such as roof and trunk spoilers along with the body graphics help this car stand apart.

Rob has laid this sedan out on a complete Airrex air suspension system, including the wireless remote.  The totally custom trunk, done by Rob himself, displays a five gallon chrome tank paired with some of his creativity.  These are the types of things that makes this car unique.

Rob has had a few different wheel setups on this sedan and you’ll see most of them in this photo set.  However, his current set is probably our favorite.  This set of Riverside Altstadt Dish aren’t the most aggressive specs we’ve seen but they fit the car so well.  The fronts are 19″ x 9.5″ +28 wrapped in Nitto 215/35s.  The rears are 19″ x 10.5″ +28 wrapped in Nitto 235/35s.

Rob’s interior are where his custom touches really stand out.  He’s loaded the interior with Junction Produce goods: fusa and tsuna knots, curtains for all 4 windows, and neck pillows.  Rob mounted a VIP tray from VIP’d Out on the passenger’s side.  The custom dash cover is really unique and not something you see often on this platform.  The diamond stitched interior trim is a nice touch too.  We can’t wait to see what else Rob does with the interior.

Rob’s allowed the car to breathe better by adding a K&N intake and a custom exhaust.  He deleted the resonator, converted to dual Magnaflow mufflers with RActive tips.  Rob’s custom touches also found their way into the engine bay with some custom paint work.

This car has gone through a variety of different looks and wheel setups, but they were all clean and simple.  With as often as this car changes, we are really excited to see what else Rob does.  We want to take this time to thank Rob for his service to the United States and ask everyone to do the same, especially on Veteran’s Day.  Follow this build on Instagram and go check out what he’s talking about on the forum!

A few words from Rob:

Special thanks to my wife Leilani for supporting my interest (also helps that she’s into the car scene), 8th gen owners old and new who gave me inspiration and advice. Shoutouts to my crew Legacy Ohana. Thanks for your time and patience making the forums and recognizing members, Bryan.

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