Phillip Phung’s 2009 EX-L V6 Coupe

Phillip Phung’s 2009 EX-L V6 Coupe

More coupe love in this month’s Accord of the Month series, and this one is a personal favorite.  This month’s Accord of the Month is none other than Phillip Phung’s 2009 Taffeta White EX-L V6 coupe.  This car is one of the most meticulous builds in the Accord scene.  Phillip doesn’t waste his money or time on fake parts.  Quality over quantity for this masterpiece.

Phillip has been around in the Accord scene since the early days.  He’s seen the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to Accords.  When it came to his own car though, he only went for the best of the best.  This coupe’s stance is on point thanks to Airrex struts paired with AccuAir’s e-Level management.

Phillip’s custom trunk setup really sets the whole thing off.  It’s clean and simple but not boring or plain, which is easier to say than actually pull off.  The custom hard lines with the Airth Defined fitting covers give the setup a very polished, complete look.  Phillip used a combination of dark cherry oak floors and suede to finish it off.  He even got AccuAir’s iLevel so he can control it through his iPhone!

Phillip had the full Honda Factory Performance lip kit on for a good while and still has the fronts lip and side skirts.  However, like most coupe owners, he wanted a nice diffuser to complete the look around his custom straight piped, quad-tip exhaust.  As most Accord people know, there aren’t many options aside from completely custom, and that’s what Phillip did.  He had his rear bumper fused with a Hyundai Genesis coupe bumper and it came out really nice.  Phillip paired it with a carbon fiber diffuser from VIS to complete the look (not pictured, unfortunately).

Lots of other subtle mods on this coupe really bring it together.  The infamous Zexen taillight mod, WeatherTech visors and the shadow.speed roof spoiler are all nice touches.  Even some mods you can’t see, like the Ultra Racing 7 point chassis kit and the adjustable ball joints in the front upper control arms really allowed Phillip to dial in the way this car sits when aired out and when rolling.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Phillip’s rolling on this incredible set of VIP Modular VXS-110.  The brushed aluminum finish on the faces with the chrome lips just looks so nice against the Taffeta White.  The upgraded red center caps bring a really nice contrast to the wheels.  This set of wheels isn’t for the faint of heart by any means.  With specs like 19″x 9.5″ -7 (4″ lips) in the front and 19″ x 11″ -5 (6″ lips) in the rear, not just anybody will run these beauties.

Phillip’s just getting started on his interior, but he’s already off to a decent start.  He upgraded the steering wheel to a Grip Royal wheel with a NRG quick release/hub.  This wheel looks surprisingly good with his tan interior, and it’s one of the few we’ve seen actually put one in at all!

All in all Phillip’s coupe is one of our favorite builds.  He spared no expense with this car and it really shows.  We one to give a special thanks to Kerry G. Photo and Michael Phan Media for the killer shots of Phillip’s car.  We can’t wait to see what he does with the interior and make sure to watch out for the new wheel setup.  Keep up with this build on Instagram and check out what he’s talking about on the forum!

A few words from Phillip:

I only want to thank my team, Team Square1!  Check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

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