Cliff Camp’s 2010 EX I4 Coupe

Cliff Camp’s 2010 EX I4 Coupe

Even more coupe love in this month’s Accord of the Month entry.  This month we’re showcasing a true Mustang lover‘s car, Cliff Camp’s 2010 Belize Blue Pearl 2010 EX I4 coupe.  You’ll frequently find Cliff on the forum or Facebook group recommending people to buy Mustangs, but truth be told, he owns a pretty sweet Accord himself.

First of all, Belize Blue Pearl is one of the nicest OEM Honda paint colors on the 8th generation Accord.  Cliff’s black Motegi MR127s and 5% tint all around really make the color pop even more.  Combine that with the full HFP lip kit and a nice drop courtesy of one of our forum sponsors, Megan Racing, and you get a pretty awesome coupe.

The amount of concave on Cliff’s Motegi MR127s is pretty insane.  He’s able to get this much concave because he’s running 20″x10.5″+28 all around.  Cliff’s running a 15 mm spacer in the rear to really put his fitment on point.  Wrap that in a set of 245/35R20 Dunlop Direzza and that’s a pretty aggressive setup.  Little touches, like the blue lug nuts, really show the attention to detail Cliff has used when building his Accord.

Cliff’s interior really pops against the blue and black theme he’s running with on the exterior.  He picked up a red Katzkin leather interior package, and it looks gorgeous.  The fitment on the package is excellent.  Cliff actually had to remove the OEM cloth and recover the seats with this leather, which explains why the fitment is so good.  They really make it difficult to tell that it is not custom upholstery or a factory option.  Cliff also matched up the center console and areas of the door with the red leather to give the interior a really complete look.

All in all, while Cliff’s coupe isn’t one of the most heavily modified Accords we’ve featured, it really shows how much attention to detail matters.  Fewer modifications done well always trumps more modifications done poorly.  The red interior is one of the things people really notice about Cliff’s coupe, it’s truly eye-catching.  Paired with his wheel choice and the beautiful Belize Blue Pearl paint, this coupe is definitely worth noticing.  We can’t wait to see what lies in the future for this build.  Make sure to follow Cliff’s build on Instagram and check out what he’s talking about on the forum!

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