Arlene’s 2009 LX-S I4 Coupe

Arlene’s 2009 LX-S I4 Coupe

The Accord of the Month series is back with another impressive coupe to display.  This coupe has been in the Accord community for a little while now.  It’s been through a color change, so there are some out there that may not recognize it.  We think the custom Matte Pearl White paint was a welcome change and makes this coupe stand out from the factory white options.  This month’s Accord of the Month is Arlene’s 2009 LX-S I4 coupe.  A super clean car that shows (much like April’s Accord of the Month) that women can build and drive clean, low cars too!

The exterior of this car is certainly a head turner.  The first thing most people notice is the custom Matte Pearl White paint job, with the roof and trim painted black.  It goes really well with her wheels and gives the car a “stormtrooper” feel.  The full Honda Factory Performance lip kit and spoiler really complete this coupe, and it looks awesome in Matte Pearl White.  Arlene has some pretty unique lighting too: full LED tail lights with accents in Matte Pearl White, as well as discontinued LED projector headlights.

Arlene has done a few performance upgrades to her Accord as well.  Nothing over the top, but just enough to let the K24 breath a bit.  She converted the exhaust to straight pipe from the cat back with stainless steel tips on each side utilizing a Magnaflow Y Pipe.  She paired this with a custom one off short ram intake by AMG Performance.  Under the hood are some other goodies and accents as well, including paint and neochrome fender washers.

Arlene’s wheel setup fits her car perfectly.  She’s running a fairly aggressive set of Avant Garde M560, which is a limited collaboration wheel between Avant Garde and Work Wheels Japan.  This set of 19’s, 9.5″ in the front and 11″ in the rear, give this coupe a really nice stance.  Arlene lowered her car on a set of Megan Racing EZ Street coilovers with their front upper control arm.  She also added a J-Power rear camber kit which helps dial in the alignment.  The whole package makes for a coupe that looks awesome going down the road.

Arlene’s interior and audio build is sponsored by Scosche Inc.  They were able to help her build an audio system with lots of her equipment and it turned out pretty nice!  She’s using their C65 component front speakers and C692 6×9 speakers in the rear.  Paired with 2 of their 12″ C124D subwoofers this is a pretty big improvement over the factory audio system.  Not to mention the amps and other accessories provided by Scosche to complete the system.

Shortly after the death of Paul Walker, Arlene was selected to have her coupe’s hood wrapped in tribute by a company called Studio Seven Graphics.  With this wrap, she attended two events for charity in which all of the proceeds were donated to Reach Out WorldWide.

All in all, it’s a super clean coupe that was put together well.  Lots of little custom touches throughout the car that make this build unique.  We’ve really enjoyed watching the progress so far and can’t wait to see what’s next!  Make sure to follow Arlene’s build on Instagram and check out what she’s talking about on the forum!

A few words from Arlene:

I want to thank Bryan Taylor of Our8thGens for choosing my vehicle for Accord of the Month and helping our community stay alive and well. I also like to thank my supporters and sponsors who help me endlessly in my project; my friends at R1 Concepts, Will from Concept 3 Performance for always being there for me and my car, my family Sophie & Marc at Version 2 Performance Las Vegas for everything they ever do for me, my friend Tofu for always helping me out and supporting me, Odyssey Battery for sponsoring the build this year with one of their awesome batteries, Daniel at Arev Motorsports for all of the support, Andy at Andy’s Tires for always helping out with proper mounting and balancing, my buddy Alex at Firestone Tire for being the alignment king and making sure my alignment is spot on, my friend Johnnee Lu at Studio 7 Graphics, and lastly Jesse (the “bae”) for supporting me and always trying to help me with anything I need. You guys are the best! Oh and my parents for supporting what I love to do.

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