Jason Scharold’s 2008 EX-L I4 Coupe

Jason Scharold’s 2008 EX-L I4 Coupe

This is the first time a car has returned to be featured a second time, but we feel as though this one was very well deserved.  This coupe has come such a long way since we last featured it in July 2015.  He’s made the leap to air suspension as well as upgrading to a much nicer set of wheels and added lot of other touches in the engine bay and interior.  Our Accord of the Month for April 2017 is Jason Scharold’s 2008 EX-L I4 coupe.

Jason has made the leap to AirLift Performance’s air struts with 3P management to get his car laying on the ground.  The other major change Jason has made to the overall look of the car has been adding the Volk SF Challenges.  The gold powdercoat really ties into his overall theme and looks great against the Nighthawk Black Pearl paint.  With the fronts being 19″ x 9.5″ +28 mm and the rears being 19″ x 10.5″ +21 mm, Jason is able to really tuck these when completely aired out.

Like a lot of coupe owners, Jason is rocking the STi lip underneath his front bumper.  He took it to the next level by grabbing the Aeroflow front splitter for the STi as well which helps the front end look a little lower and a little more aggressive. While the Honda Factory Performance front lip is a bit of a cleaner look, we like to see people taking some things in a little different direction.  Variety is always welcomed.

Jason has also added the Honda Factory Performance side skirts to help look the car look even lower when aired out.  To add to the lips, he paired the side skirts with Aeroflow side splitters underneath.

Jason has done a ton of work in the engine bay since the last time we visited this car.  He’s had all of the engine bay plastics, valve cover, and strut tower bar hydrodipped in a gold marble pattern and it really pops.  Jason was also did a minor wire tuck to help clean up the engine bay.  He actually removed the entire harness, and lengthened the bits he needed to in order to reroute the wiring out of sight.

As you could expect from someone who does headlights on the side, Jason is rocking a new set of headlights since the last time we visited him.  He started by color matching all of the chrome to his factory body paint and wrapped the existing reflector pieces in carbon fiber vinyl.  He swapped out the lens on the factory projector with a TSX lens and threw a Morimoto Mini 7.0 in the high beam bowl for the quad projector look.  It not only looks amazing but gives him great output at the same time to help light up the road during the night.  Other small details include completely LED RGB demon eyes as well as switch back halos used as turn signals.

Unfortunately, none of it is pictured, however Jason has been working hard in the interior of his coupe as well.  He has had a fair amount of his interior trim hydrodipped (22 pieces to be exact) in an ebonized oak woodgrain color that looks very good in his black interior.  With his recently acquired black with gold diamond stitched Clazzio seat covers, his interior is starting to look really polished and complete.

All in all, Jason is a pretty significiant player in the Accord scene online and out on the show circuit.  He’s travelling hours and hours to go to shows across the country, as well as helps out moderating the forum and Facebook group for Our8thGens.  Even though his build appears as though it’s nearing completion, we know that Jason still has some tricks up his sleeve and we can not wait to see what they are.  Make sure to follow Jason on Instagram at @jman64cola.  Shout out to Christian Raper for all of the photography; make sure to follow him on Instagram at @christivnr / @captures_by_christian and go give his Facebook page a like!

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