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Announcing Our New Sponsor: Valiants Racing!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired a new sponsor for the site, Valiants Racing! At Valiants Racing you will find a large assortment of aftermarket performance parts delivered securely to your home or office at very competitive prices. With a mindset of providing the best customer service and shopping experience, you can rest assured that you get the support you need to make educated decisions about what you buy from Valiants Racing!


Announcing Our New Sponsor: Rock Auto!

We’re excited to announced that we’ve gained another forum sponsor, Rock Auto! For those who are unaware of Rock Auto — they sell almost any part your car could EVER need, at some of the most affordable prices online. I’ve been a personal customer of theirs throughout the years and have always been 100% impressed. Not only do they stock thousands upon thousands of parts, but their prices are great and they quickly ship your order to you.