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Mountain Views with Melvin Gutierrez

In early October, quite a few of our members traveled up to beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a SlammedEnuff show. Unfortunately, we were a little too early for the leaves to fully start changing, but it did not cause any shortage of beautiful views. Melvin Gutierrez took advantage of these gorgeous views and sent us these killer shots!


Leon Lau’s 2012 LX-S I4 Coupe

It should come as no surprise that we’re featuring another well done coupe in our Accord of the Month series. This is a car that we have posted on Instagram countless times, but he has only recently joined the Facebook group, and we are definitely glad to have him. This coupe has done some things that others have not and has inspired the community to do them to their own cars. Our Accord of the Month for October 2016 is Leon Lau’s 2012 LX-S I4 coupe. This is a coupe with a handful of custom touches and we are sure more is coming, but for now let’s take a deeper look into what he has created so far.


Jordan Brown’s 2008 EX-L V6 Sedan

We have not featured an Alabaster Silver Metallic sedan as Accord of the Month since our very first in the series. This sedan out of Texas certainly caught our attention and happens to be team mates with a previous Accord of the Month. After featuring this car in a photoset post a few months back, we knew we had to take a deeper look. Our Accord of the Month for August 2016 is Jordan Brown’s 2008 EX-L V6 sedan.