Wheel spacers
Trying to find the perfect tire size for your new wheels? Trying to figure out the offset you need for your desired fitment?

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Wheel spacers

by AlenB » August 4th, 2016

Hey guys, i need some information on running wheel spacers. Pretty much i hate how my rear wheels are sitting as i want them pushed out more but not sure where to start. This is currently how the rear wheels are sitting, as i am lowered.

Wheel specs: 19x8 Drag rims
245/40/19 falken tires

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Re: Wheel spacers

by jordan1scool » August 9th, 2016

Basically measure the clearance between your wheel and fender and get that size spacer.

A lot of people are against spacers, and a camber kit or wider/lower offset wheels would also solve your problem

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