Everything You Need for the Acura RL BBK Upgrade
Bags, coilover, and springs. Need rotors or pads? Want to do a BBK conversion?

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Everything You Need for the Acura RL BBK Upgrade

by milmast » June 1st, 2016

Hey guys!!

I recently decided to upgrade from the single piston Nissin calipers that come installed on our accords, to a larger set of Acura RL brake calipers, with larger rotors to match.

The OEM calipers that come on our accords are a 1-piston, slider caliper, and I upgraded them to a set of 2005-2012 Acura RL / Honda Legend 4-Piston fixed brake calipers. In order to get them to mount and work for our cars, I used a set of FastBrakes Caliper Adapters. The adapters mount up to the knuckle of the car, and then you attach the caliper bolts through the caliper, and into the bracket. I picked up the brake calipers used, repainted them, and then got them ready for mounting. https://youtu.be/HMlvvzc1Gls

While I was upgrade the brakes on the car, I decided to opt for a set of StopTech Stainless Steel Braided brake lines for both the front and rear of the car. I bought mine from amazon and they were delivered promptly. The code for the front lines are StopTech 950.400133 and for the rears, they are StopTech 950.40502. You can use these with the OEM calipers, or the RL calipers.

Once the new lines were installed on the car, I then had to mount the brackets along with the new brake rotors. Now make sure to mount up the FastBrake caliper adapter first, as the rotor will be in the way if you install it first. The mounting brackets are easy to install, but just take note that they go on a certain way. The hole for the brake caliper bolt must be closer to the knuckle mounting point. Otherwise, the 4-piston brake caliper will interfere with the brake rotor. The OEM brake rotors are 11.8" in diameter and 28mm in thickness. We can upgrade the size of the rotors to 12.6" x 28mm Nissan Maxima rotors. I purchased mine from amazon and I used 2006 as the year. I have heard of some people running 2006 Nissan 350Z Brembo Rotors, as they are 12.8" in diameter, but are 30mm's thick. Some people have run into clearance issues going this route so I decided to play it safe and go with the Maxima's.
The rotors that I used were Centric 227.42080L for the driver's side fronts, and the passenger's side were Centric 227.42080R's.

With the bracket in place and the rotor mounted, it was time to mount the new caliper on the entire assembly and install some brake pads. The pads are made for the Acura RL. I used Akebono ACT1091 Ceramic pads, and they seem to be very good. I want to take my car to the track sometime soon and if these pads don't work as I would like, I will upgrade to EBC Yellow Stuff pads.

After everything is all said and done, my BBK for the fronts ran me $571
StopTech 950.40013 Brake Lines => $57
Centric 227.42080L Rotor => $52
Centric 227.42080R Rotor => $59
Akebono ACT1091 Pads => $48
RL / Legend Calipers => $200
FastBrakes Adapter => $155


If you have any questions regarding the brakes, let me know, or send me an email at milanmastracci@gmail.com
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Re: Everything You Need for the Acura RL BBK Upgrade

by coolblue » June 10th, 2016

Nice bro.. Thanks for sharing
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Re: Everything You Need for the Acura RL BBK Upgrade

by 09cbp6mt » July 21st, 2017

I read there were clearance issues with the 370z rotors. Anymore info on what issues are, or what the fix is? Thanks for any help!

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