Do you have a coupe or sedan? I4 or V6? Stock, slammed, track car?

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by Dropit » June 2nd, 2016

Hello everybody, i had my first accord for a little more than a month now. It's a 2012 6/6 white hfp coupe. It's on 19" ruffino wheels. I love it so far, and looking forward to upgrade the exhaust with j-pipe,precat high flow and cat back. I ve already installed a takeda short ram and shopping for other intake upgrades. Since i ´m from Canada(quebec) i ´m going to cross the border a few times to get evry parts i need and will be often on this forum to get some tips from you guys. Here´s a pic of my car it's not the best pic but i´ll post othersin the futur.
Keep calm and build it!! ;)

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Re: Hi!

by Garrettjamez » June 5th, 2016

Nice car. Lowered any? Or any other pics of the wheels. Love it

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