Left the VW scene, now I'm finally here! 09 coupe 6+6
Do you have a coupe or sedan? I4 or V6? Stock, slammed, track car?

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Left the VW scene, now I'm finally here! 09 coupe 6+6

by thatphotoguy » May 31st, 2017

Sup guys, my name is Alex and I'm in North Dallas. I have owned and built a MK4 VW GTI for 3 years, but after running into a slew of problems, I decided I wanted something... actually practical. 3 oil pans, $80 oil and faulty OEM replacements as well as everything needing Torx (it stripped literally everything), I decided to finally look for and buy my obtainable dream car: an EK hatch. But of course they're rare and even rarer in good condition, so I looked for a second option. I stumbled upon this clean Accord 6+6, and then a week later decided to buy it.

So far, mods are this:
HFP kit
Zedd 19×9.5+12 (they scare me)
BC Coils
AEM CAI (I hate it)
Custom fab exhaust to Greddy EVO Mufflers
Paint match Mugen rep grill
Crosstour LED Guages retrofit
Debadged trunk
KnuKonceptz custom battery stuff
SPC kit

I'm trying to currently fix the right rear SPC kit since it appears that one of the arms is bent, and someone tapped into my bumper the first month of owning it (ugh), but other than that I am in love. I took her to HIN Dallas and got great feedback and love from other accord owners. Next up is a timing belt and water pump, then some custom interior work :lol:

Anyone in the area please feel free to get into contact with me! I have other close friends with Accords , but I'm the lone 8th gen. Id love to meet up and get to know more about my car.

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Re: Left the VW scene, now I'm finally here! 09 coupe 6+6

by Accord.951 » May 31st, 2017

That's clean af, good come up.

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