Best Sub for stock location in EX-L Sedan?
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Best Sub for stock location in EX-L Sedan?

by waqaraphoto » February 23rd, 2016

Hey guys I have an 09 EX-L sedan. Whats the best sub I can get that will plug right up to the factory plug and fit in the spot of the existing factory "Premium" sound subwoofer? I don't want to change up any wiring in the car, and would like a seemless install so thats why I'm wondering what will add a bit more thump to the system. Also for the tweeters, same question :)

Thanks homies

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Re: Best Sub for stock location in EX-L Sedan?

by holic » May 28th, 2016

If you want to change the audio parts to high power and better quality . wiring is important. u need right guage wiring for high power . and plus if you are trying to put aftermarket subs with a lot more power than stock ones . u might need to get the amplifier along with it or else u wont feel much difference . cuz ur stock amp is not gonna be pushing the power that ur bass needs .

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