work emotion D9r
Trying to find the perfect tire size for your new wheels? Trying to figure out the offset you need for your desired fitment?

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work emotion D9r

by GODZILLA » June 5th, 2015


Im planning on ordering some work d9r wheels and a TEIN street advance coilovers ... tem_id=166

for my daily 2010 accord coupe and want to check with you experienced guys if Im on the right track


F: 19x9.5 +38 245/40
R 10x10.5 +30 255/40 or 245/40 <-- not sure till now need help which is better ... the 245 seemed to have the same overall Circumference as the front but more poke than the 255 which seemed to have about 10mm nore Circumference than the fronts

so is it going to need work like a fender roll or pull front or rear since im going to lower it 1.5in intially and go lower step be step from there

and are these tire specs too stretched for a daily since is my main concern is that the lip doest hit the Raised pavement markers between the lanes since there are lots of them where I live

thanks, :D

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Re: work emotion D9r

by GODZILLA » July 16th, 2015

wow ... its been 6 weeks with no replies ... lol

so, anyway I placed the order and the weels will take about 6 weeks to be manufactured

the coilovers are in stock but will be shipped 4 weeks late due to the fact that I ordered godspeed camber, toe and traction arms and these have an ETA of 3 weeks


I think I need to start a build thread ... hmm

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Re: work emotion D9r

by mcbtay » July 17th, 2015

Yes, start a build thread! I don't think your specs are super duper aggressive, so you should be able to get away with a fender roll. However, I'm a sedan owner so coupe guys would know best.

What kind of coilovers did you order?

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Re: work emotion D9r

by Bigwilly » July 19th, 2015

I'm running very similar specs with just a fender roll. 20x9.5 +38 245/30/20 up front 20x10 +30 255/30/20 rears, lowered about 2.5" on BC coils. Sits nice and flush, you'll be fine

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Re: work emotion D9r

by Richard » October 18th, 2015

Yeah if im not mistaken it seems you coupe guys have a lot more room for an aggressive setup compared to a sedans. Im trying to run 19x10 et24 in the rear and dang is that pushing it

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Re: work emotion D9r

by GODZILLA » July 1st, 2016


its been a while since I started this thread

I ended up not buying the wheels but got the tein street advance coilovers and the the jspeed 3 arm kit

shoud I start a build thread ... hmmm

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Re: work emotion D9r

by coolblue » July 8th, 2016

Just start the build thread lol...
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